Supply Chain Management

The supply chain manager (SCM) product will underpin the way ACI Group distributes products from suppliers to customers. The platform is the newest way to manage both traditional and non-traditional supply chains. 

The solution encapsulates everything from customer management and automation of daily administration operations, to managing staff and company performance via its data-driven Al dashboard. 

This solves current data challenges - including loss of data integrity, communication breakdown due to global bottlenecks, and increasing manufacturing delays from Brexit - that are exacerbating the supply chain crisis.

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Supply Chain Management
Karsten Smet

Karsten Smet - CEO, ACI Group

Around 80% of UK businesses have said that Brexit has been the biggest cause of supply chain disruption in 2022, closely followed by the impact of the Russia-Ukraine war and rising energy costs. Here, SMEs have been hit the hardest, with fewer resources available to react quickly to changes further up the chain, causing inflating costs and further administration headaches.

SMEs require more than a customer relationship management (CRM) tool to build resilience and minimise the impact of real-time disruptions. They need a system that integrates seamlessly with the solutions they are already using. Supply Chain Manager will be released in November 2023 and will become the portal for ACI Group and its Customers.