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Oomph CRM is our leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform created to help businesses grow without the hefty price tag. It supports Start-Ups and SMEs because of it's low price and has a number of modules that help businesses from all industries automate admin and digitise business processes.

This goes from sales, to marketing, and beyond. The core product has integrations with Office 365, Xero, Sage, and QuickBooks but we can modify and integrate with any product on the market. We're also proud to partner with leading ticketing solutions for events companies which is a testimony to the system's flexibility.

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Oomph CRM
Karsten Smet

Karsten Smet - CEO, Oomph Works

Oomph CRM is perfect for companies with less than 100 users, but we can also offer additional customisation for larger customers. For businesses seeking a highly customised 'off the shelf' package, we are able to host a dedicated version of Oomph and create specific tabs and fields which are tailored to your business. This still runs on the core code so will benefit from any future improvements made in our core products.